Q&A: How can you let go of someone you love?…


Q: How can you let go of someone you love if the thought of just being friends kills you but you don’t want to loose her/him?

A:I don’t think this is love. Love is too profound. Love is the synonym of sacrifice. And only when you sacrifice your life of a single person in order to marry the other is when you show true love. I believe you like or have a crush on this other person.┬áIf you’ve considered leaving this person it’s because something tells you should be more careful and watchful in order to avoid falling in to a trap. Moreover it’s quite impossible to be friends with someone you like. You have to stay away from him/her until you’re strong enough to resist any temptations. Now, consider this for a moment: don’t you think that whatever God plans for us is well planned and designed? Do you think He’d bring somebody in to your life to hurt you? Think.

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