Q&A: Am I taking the right steps?


Q:  So I’ve been in church for 10-11 months now. I’m 15 but I met this girl here in the church, the first thing I spoke to her about was of course the YPG, and she is now participating in our branch. We both have alot of feelings for each other, but as many youth leaders have tought me, i’m not taking all this by emotion. I’ve told her that she needs to have God first, before anything. I talk to her about God almost everytime that we speak. I’m teaching her how to pray more and showing her more bible verses. I have seen progression in her and I know there is ALOT more for her to learn. She has agreed to me that we will have patience to start a relationship because she knows , that she needs God in her Life. I feel that even if it takes months for us to be together, that me and her may be able to Serve God full time here in the church. We both have the patience for each other, but am I doing everything in the right steps? By the way, I’ve also learned previously, in the August meeting, that The Next step to dating is Marriage , and I have the patience, everything will fall into place , due to me putting my love life in His hands. No Rush!!

A: So, then you’re priority is not the Work of God but your love life. You said that you understood the message we gave in Aug about marrying straight after dating in order to avoid temptations. If you start dating now you’ll most likely have to marry her sometime next year. Unless you’re planning to date for 5 years, which gets complicated. Let me tell you something son, this thing of helping her grow in her faith is PURE emotion. You’re not using your mind but your heart. Obviously this is a way of getting closer to her. Let me give a piece of advice: if you truly want to serve God, then let go. You’re not only jeopardizing your spiritual growth but hers too. You should know better as you are a member of the YPG longer than her. She’s already coming with two things in mind: God and YOU. Is that right?

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