Q&A: I need to stay in this relationship…


Q: I am 23 years old and already with a child, my baby just turned  2 years old and he is the love of my life. His dad is the number one drug dealer in the neighborhood, my mom doesn’t want me to be with this guy at all, not just because he is a drug dealer but he doesn’t aspire to do something better with his life, I still have strong feelings for him but there are times where I cry myself to sleep at night because he upsets me and I have found out that he has cheated on me before. It frustrates me so much but I feel that I can’t move on with someone else because I’m  scared for life. I have been dating this guy for such a long time that I am too afraid to break up with him and date someone else and mistreat me at times like this guy does to me, however he is wealthy from what he does and it helps me to get necessities for our son, Its like I want to move on but because we have a son I need to stay in this relationship, I just don’t know how to keep up, what should I do?

A: You can’t be with somebody just because he supports you financially or because of a child. That would be like offering yourself over to slavery. It has to be out of love. So first, you need to get stronger in your faith. It seems to me like you are emotionally broken. That’s dangerous. Any decision based on emotions is life threatening. And getting stronger means developing a closer relationship with God. Instead of dwelling too much on whether you stay with him or not, or being too concerned about your future with somebody else, you should concentrate on your relationship with God. That’s what will give you the assurance of a successful future. Rest assured, the Holy Spirit leads us to all truth.

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