Q&A: I don’t like her…Should I date her?


Q: Should I go out on a date with a girl just because my aunt who gave me money for Christmas wants me to? My mom says I owe it to her to at least go out with her best friend’s daughter once. I say it makes no sense because I don’t like her and she doesn’t even go to church.

A: Dating implies that you have a romantic interest in a person. If you don’t, you should fool yourself or anyone else, by pretending you do. That would be a form of lying and would just get you into trouble. Of course you should be grateful to your aunt for your generosity. But gifts of money should be gifts, not bribes! For the sake of keeping peace with your family, offer to take your aunt’s young friend to the YPG with you to introduce her to the girls there where she can make some good friends. Make it clear that you are just doing this as a friendly gesture, and perhaps you can turn an awkward situation into an opportunity to evangelize someone who needs God.

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