Q&A: He sneaks into my room at night…


Q: I don’t know who to tell so I thought I’d write instead. Please don’t use my name. I am 14 and my mother thinks I’m a virgin. I wish I was, but her boyfriend has been doing things to me ever since he moved in. He sneaks into my room at night and molests me and tells me that if I tell my mom, he’ll beat me up and tell her I’m a liar and a slut. He really scares me and my mom loves him more than me. I wish I could run away.

A: It’s so important that you report him and stand up to him. I know you’re young and he is stronger than you, and you’re afraid of what your mother will say, but one thing is certain: this has got to stop. Understand that when people act in evil ways like this, there is a spirit behind everything they do. We have authority to bind up that spirit of sexual violence in your home so that when you report him to your mom and to the police, God will clear the way for you to be understood and treated fairly and kindly. God can open your mother’s eyes and help her to feel compassion for you rather than anger – but no one can get inside her mind to change her thoughts other than God. He wants you to be free from this and to protect you, but He needs you to turn to Him right now, and then live your life based on faith, not on fear. I know this may sound like too much for you to do, but we are ready to help you, to stand by you and to fight against this spirit for you. I’m sure there are many thoughts going on in your mind right now, come this week to let us help you more.

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