Q&A: He doesn’t care about me…


Q: I love a guy, but he doesn’t care about me. I do everything I can to forget about him, but I suffer even more. What should I do?

A: The truth is that you are infatuated- you are confusing a crush with love. True love only happens after marriage, when both start knowing each others good qualities and faults. Everything seems to be perfect before marriage- you only see the outward appearance, the hair, the way he dresses, his charm, etc.

You still don’t know that person, so how can you say you love him? It’s like someone saying that he loves some kind of food that he never tasted. A crush is just a strong emotion, and like every emotion, it fades. You say that you do everything but you can’t forget him; well, that is not true. Your efforts are not working because your mind says that you want to forget him but your heart says you don’t want to. That won’t work. What you must do is to stop thinking about that person, stop looking at him; if not, then stop crying. Pray and trust that the God you serve will faithfully give you the right person, at the right time.


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