Q&A: I don’t like her…Should I date her?


Q: Should I go out on a date with a girl just because my aunt who gave me money for Christmas wants me to? My mom says I owe it to her to at least go out with her best friend’s daughter once. I say it makes no sense because I don’t like her and […]

Q&A: He sneaks into my room at night…


Q: I don’t know who to tell so I thought I’d write instead. Please don’t use my name. I am 14 and my mother thinks I’m a virgin. I wish I was, but her boyfriend has been doing things to me ever since he moved in. He sneaks into my room at night and molests […]

Q&A: He doesn’t care about me…


Q: I love a guy, but he doesn’t care about me. I do everything I can to forget about him, but I suffer even more. What should I do? A: The truth is that you are infatuated- you are confusing a crush with love. True love only happens after marriage, when both start knowing each […]