7 Destructive Steps


7 Destructive Steps to Wreck Your Love Life Meet someone at the wrong time in your life Kiss him/her immediately Put everything else in life on hold because of him/her Sleep together Have a kid Move in together Couple of years later you split up Now, if you invert the 7 steps above and do […]



Equip your house with what’s NECESSARY. Would you build a house from the inside first, and raise the walls later? Would you arrange the furniture first before laying the foundation and building the structure? No. You would be a fool to do that. The furniture is the last thing you add to the house, even […]

Let’s Talk About Love


Love on your mind? Many young people, even in the youth group, spend most of their time wondering, ‘When is the right time to start dating? How do I know so and so is the right person for me? What do I do if I like someone?’ etc. They only have love on their minds. […]