When is the right time? (part II)


Let’s do some math If when COURTING (dating) I come to the conclusion that the person I’m dating is really the one for me then I shouldn’t take too long to get married otherwise I’ll surrender myself to temptation. Okay. That’s clear. Now, what if then I’m not planning to marry that person right now […]

WHEN… is the right time? (part I)

the right time

In the last post we explained how to know who is the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with and avoid any type of surprises. Today I would like to talk about WHEN is the right time to start thinking about your love life. Of course, to not think about […]

WHO… is the right person?


Everyone asks this question, at least once in life. “How will I know who he/she is?” “Will we connect first time?” “Will I feel different?” “Will we have everything in common?” are questions that play over and over again in the minds of many young people. There is only one solution to that, and this […]