BSAL Movement 2014



Where you at the ILS event in Houston? It was amazing! We had about 1000 people present, not counting all the ones watching live stream. Before the event began all the ILS songs were played, even the ones back from ILS1. The teasers were played as well getting the crowd even more excited. From the moment it started to past the moment it finished, everything was perfect!

We also had a special performance by the YPG in Austin, TX. They sang the official BSAl song which you can listen to here.

So what now right? You were here or watched live online, cool, so what do we do now? What to do with all that was learned?

Well, as if ILS was not enough, the Youth Power Group presents the BSAL movement. Where asides from Being Smart About Love, each letter represents a step to the happiness you wish for in your love life. It’s taking place every Sunday at your local YPG branch. Make sure to stay tuned and be smart about love!


For more info check us out on our FB page here.

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